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In my opinion, a good painting records an artist’s love of beauty and his or her honest search for truth. I feel that mine are good paintings.

Each piece provides a simple, direct means of understanding and responding to life in a puzzling, sometimes frightening, world.

Although I have, on occasion, made work with social or political content, my work is usually more romantic than revolutionary. I often use two terms — “lyrical abstraction” and “abstracted landscape”—to describe my paintings. Generally speaking, all of the work—abstract or not—is suggestive, rather than realistic. Titles may sometimes serve as preliminary guides to a painting’s inner meaning, but viewers’ own original interpretations of my paintings are more important to me than any words I might associate with them.

I work by applying multiple (sometimes as many as sixty) layers of acrylic or oil paint to heavyweight paper or canvas, using a variety of tools. When a painting displays rich surface textures and intriguing, distinctive color relationships, it’s finished.

In the studio--painting, pausing to assess, re-painting, pausing again, then repeating that process over and again--I'm reminded that looking at painting is working at painting. It's good, transformational work that leads to rewarding insights and to a greater respect for the world. Viewing my paintings—even in the pixel-dependent world of computer-light--can be a positive, enlightening experience. Viewers (and collectors) have remarked that they have most enjoyed my work over extended periods of time. I invite others to look carefully at my paintings—either online or in the studio. I hope that they’ll enjoy the experience.

New York City
March, 2017





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